Trapiche Terroir Series
Trapiche Terroir Series - Fundadores

Daniel Pi

Chief Winemaker

"It constitutes a remarkably beautiful tool to spread the word about Argentina, its people, its landscapes, and its vineyards"

Since the early stages of the project, Daniel Pi, together with his team of winemakers, has been in charge of selecting the best Malbecs. This process takes place during the harvest season, the fermentation and maturation stages, and involves choosing among the grapes of hundreds of winegrowers. This lengthy process ultimately ends with the selection of the three best wines Trapiche will offer to its most demanding consumers.

Marcelo Belmonte

Head of Viticulture

"Our technical team is honored to pay tribute to a lifetime of hard work and dedication and share these stories with all of you."

The relationship built with each one of the winegrowers over the course of the year contributes to the process of selecting the highest quality grapes from each vineyard. The teams of agronomists specialized in different areas allow us to choose a wide range of grapes of the iconic variety. This work reveals the richness and diversity of each terroir as well as the hard work and dedication behind it.